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Volunteers can enrich education by sharing their special hobbies, skills, vocation or special knowledge with students. Please contact the teacher and/or site administrator if you would like to share your unique specialty. Casita is committed to the use of volunteers to help teachers in the classroom, help in the library or office, work in the garden, supervise on field trips and perform many other services for our school.

A volunteer is defined as an individual who, with school district authorization, voluntarily assists on a regular and ongoing basis of 20 hours or more per school year. District policy requires a volunteer to complete: a Volunteer Application, Megan's Law Background Check, have a current TB clearance, sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct, and sign in each visit on the Guest/Volunteer Registry located in our school office.

Click here for a Volunteer Application

In Spanish: Solicitud para ser Voluntario Escolar

Click here for a Volunteer Code of Conduct.

In Spanish: Codigo de Conducta para Voluntarios