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Casita's front yard is a 10,000 sq. ft. organic botanical garden and certified wildlife habitat. Permanent planting areas include California native plants from different climatic zones, a beautiful California sycamore, and a fruit tree border.  Twenty-one redwood garden beds offer planting opportunities for students both in the EnvironmentalScience Lab and with their classroom teachers. Redwood benches serve as a place to sit and read or to observe our ecosystem. There are two outdoor classroom areas, one with theater-style benches and another with tree-stump seating. 

Casita has partnered with the Sage Garden Project to hire a garden consultant to further enhance the garden ecosystem. To build rich, living soil, students are using the design process to design a permanent, custom-made composting system. Students learn about  the science behind composting including changes of matter, cycling of nutrients, and the invertebrates and microbes that create the compost. Students are also designing experiments to test how compost affects the growth of plants. The garden is seen as an ecosystem, and is based on the permaculture concept that if you take organic material out of the garden, put it back into the garden. 


Directly in front of K-2 and to the north is a demonstration garden with a variety of native and drought-resistant plants. This was made possible through a grant from Vista Irrigation District, and is supported by the community and parent volunteers. This demonstration garden serves as an extension of Casita's STEM curriculum.