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The Loft

Welcome to the Casita Center Library!  

Visit our Casita Center Library on Destiny Discover, watch the video to learn how to hold books for check out and pick up at the school. To sign your child into our check out program, please register here. Watch another video to learn more about Destiny Discover.

Reading Tips and Resources from Mrs. Natalie 

Hello Casita Cougars!  I truly hope everyone is staying safe & doing well during this challenging time.  I really miss reading to you all in the Casita Library!! Here are some tips to help you with your reading goals during your remote learning at home. Please share with your families and stay tuned for upcoming posts.

What better time to read, than now?! Here are some quick tips while we’re all spending more time at home.

  • Use books from your home “library” by re-reading old favorites or reading ones you haven’t read yet. Use this time to challenge yourself to try something new, even if it doesn’t look interesting at first. Don’t judge a book by its cover! 
  • Read together everyday. Practice reading out loud to each other. Younger readers can read to family members or caregivers. Older readers can help younger siblings and readers with tricky words, sight words, and new vocabulary.  
  • Choose a reading buddy to practice reading to, like a favorite stuffed animal or a pet, to help you feel comfortable reading out loud.
  • Pick a passage of a book to “act out” by turning a favorite read into a mini theater production. Dress up to play the parts. 
  • Or, play “book charades” where you try to guess a popular book or character each person acts out.
Virtual Library
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Digital Library Options

Use online resources for improving reading skills or for online book selections. While, to me, nothing replaces the feel of a real book, this can be a helpful alternative when we don’t have access to our school library or public libraries, like now.

Read Aloud

Virtual Storytime with Mrs. Natalie

Click on the video links to access virtual storytime with Ms. Natalie. Hope you enjoy!

The Princess and the Pig
Grades K-2

The Princess and the Frog



After the Fall
Grades K-2

After the Fall