School Nurse medical kit and stethoscope


If medication is required during school hours, the guidelines (below) of the California Education Code and VUSD policy will be followed.

  1. The parent/guardian's written request on the VUSD medication authorization form.
  2. A health care provider's authorization detailing the amount of the medicine and the method and time schedules by which the medication is taken.
  3. ALL medications, including prescription, over-the-counter, herbal, and vitamin preparations, are included in the guidelines.
  4. All medications must be from a California pharmacy. No prescriptions from out-of-state can be given by school personnel.
  5. Health care provider and parent authorizations must be updated annually or whenever there is any change in the medication, dosage, or time schedule.
  6. The medicine is to be in the original labeled container.
  7. A designated adult is to bring the medication to school.

Please do not bring any medication to school until the health care provider's and the parent/guardian's authorizations have been completed. Parents need to pick up all medications at the end of each school year. Medications left more than one week after the school year ends will be discarded.

Medication Authorization Form

Asthma Symptom Action Plan

Allergy Form

Chronic Medical Condition

Medical Statement to Request Special Meals Accommodations