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Be at school by 8:00 and you won't be late!!


Eng.-2020-2021 Attendance Brochure click here

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Academic success and school attendance are directly related. Casita Center is a magnet school serving the entire VUSD community. Excessive absences or tardies may require Casita to withdraw magnet status. The family will then be requested to register their children to attend their school of residence. In VUSD, students attend the minimum required minutes for California so any absence or early release is significant. The state of California considers four or more absences to be excessive. Our VUSD School Board Goal is 98% attendance. (98% is 3 absences per school year per child). To comply with this goal, a letter from Casita is sent home when a child has a combination of 5 absences, tardies, (30 minutes or more) or lates (less than 30 minutes). Letters are also sent home from the District level when a pattern of poor attendance and/or punctuality develops. To further assist, parents and students can meet with the principal to fill out an attendance contract. Continued defiance of the California Compulsory Attendance Laws will result in a referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB). District policy also requires a doctor's note for each successive absence once a child has ten absences. *As an incentive, students who have perfect attendance for the year attend a special assembly and are entered into a drawing for prizes!

All students are expected to be on time every day. If a student arrives late, he/she should check in at the office and report immediately to class with a late slip.

Students being pulled out more that 30 minutes before dismissal are considered truant. A medical note will be required to excuse the early dismissal.

Independent Study Contracts Parents are responsible for making sure that their child attends school every day. Vacations are considered UNEXCUSED absences. If it is unavoidable that your child will be out of school for five days to ten days, please ask about an Independent Study Contract. To qualify for an Independent Study Contract, students must demonstrate sufficient academic progress and have good attendance. Prior Administrator approval is required for an Independent Study Contract. School Board Policy is followed.

Parents are responsible for notifying the office whenever their child is absent from school. Upon return, your child should bring a note stating specifically the reason for each day's absence, your child's first and last name, and his or her teacher's name. Please sign the note and state your relationship to the student. You may use Casita's voicemail system in lieu of a note.


Casita Center's voicemail system gives parents the opportunity to leave messages for staff members much the same way a home answering machine works. Parents are able to report absences any time during the day and also leave messages for teachers. Because we believe classroom instruction time should be uninterrupted, phone calls are not put through to classrooms. Below is a directory of important numbers:

0 Receptionist
1 Attendance
3 Health Office
9 Spanish Instructions

FAX 1-760-758-4697

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